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Are you a PR professional interested in taking on your own clients?  Are you burnt out from the agency world or seeking more flexible hours? Do you know the craft inside and out, have clients ready to retain you but are hesitant to jump ship because you have no clue how to start on the business side? If so, this course is for you

Whether you have aspirations to be a solo PR consultant, create a small communications shop or build the next Edelman, these are the fundamentals of what you need to get started.


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Looking for 1:1 Help?

Why isn't aren't reporter's answering my emails? Is my PR strategy sound and effective? I just started my own PR consultancy, how should I charge my clients? 

 These are just some of the questions I get on a daily basis that we can tackle and unpack during our session.

I work with freelance PR professionals and businesses wanting to get started with PR, optimize or radically change their approach and strategy to PR. On their own.

A lot of freelance PR professionals think they need to do it all by themselves, when in reality it takes a village. Being able to brainstorm with somebody else and have a second set of eyes before something goes to the media or the client, can be really helpful. Unless you are part of a freelance group or have a community, this is hard to come by. 

Book a session with me and we'll talk it out.

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What people are saying

"I took your course on content marketing and it was very insightful. I am definitely going to be a better content marketer with the knowledge garnered."

Chinenye Oguadinma

"I am wrapping up your 30-minute LinkedIn Learning course, "Launch Your Product to the Press." This is a wonderful crash course. The press release template you provide in Section 1 was a highlight–worth its weight in gold. I'll be sure to give this course a share on LinkedIn. Great work, and thank you."

Andy Orr

"I recently took your course, "Writing a Press Release" and found it very helpful as I begin my career in PR. I enjoy learning from the wisdom and experience you share."

Brooke Willett

LinkedIn Courses

17 PR Mistakes to Avoid

Using public relations to market your business is incredibly powerful when done correctly. But when done wrong, it can actually be detrimental. To become better at PR, it's helpful to see the all-too-common errors that people make. This course reveals the 17 most common PR mistakes—and teaches you what to do instead. Learn how to avoid pitfalls, develop better media relations, choose the right publications, nail your communication and timing, and use blunders to your advantage. After this course you should feel confident using these PR dos and don'ts to build your next PR campaign.

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Writing a Press Release

Learn how to write press releases: formal, official announcements regarding something new or significant about you or your business. Done correctly, press releases can promote your brand, distribute important information, and even improve your SEO. In this short writing course, PR expert Andrea Holland explains how to write an effective press release. She begins with a discussion of what press releases are and then walks you through finding your story, preparing to write, getting your headline and subhead down, crafting body copy, adding your boilerplate, and distributing the release through a newswire. Follow along using the handout Andrea has included with the course—a template she uses to kick-start the writing process for her own clients.

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Launch Your Product to the Press

When you're ready to launch your product or service, garnering positive press coverage is key. The right media coverage can validate your product or service in the eyes of the general public, driving potential customers to your website. In this course, join instructor Andrea Holland as she shows how to successfully launch your product to the press. Andrea explains how to prepare for a launch by creating basic messaging, writing a press release, and conducting media outreach so that reporters want to write about you. Then, she covers how to execute a successful launch, including how to sound natural when speaking with the media. To wrap up, she shows how to keep the cadence going by leveraging the launch for additional media opportunities.

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Content Marketing: Getting Your Content Published

Content marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and an audience. In this course, public relations expert Andrea Holland explains how to get your content published in the right media for your business. Get tips and practical techniques for identifying outlets, conducting media outreach, and getting your content featured in important publications. Andrea shares secrets based on over a decade in the field—including advice for pitching your stories. Plus, Andrea shares a few tips on how to write with a PR lens and create stories that get publications to take notice—and start calling you for content.

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Marketing: Messaging with Purpose

Your audience's priorities, values, and lives have changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Now, the way your organization communicates with these individuals must change to meet the moment. In this course, learn how to message customers, prospective employees, and the press with renewed purpose and intention. Instructor Andrea Holland explains how to roll out messaging that meets your customers where they are emotionally. She shares how to craft job postings that clearly communicate your organization's remote-work policies, as well as what you're doing to keep employees safe and happy. Plus, learn what to focus on when speaking to the media, how to develop your social media strategy as the world reopens, and how to sensitively approach the topic of conferences and seminars.

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