Attention: PR and Communications Professionals

The 3 Secrets to Building Your Own PR Firm and Quit Your Job within 6 Months (I bet sooner!)

Hey! I’m Andrea. As a PR professional who has worked at agencies in-house, ran my own consulting business and one of the leading PR authors for LinkedIn Learning, I’ll be sharing what you need to know to start your own PR practice, whether you are still in Corporate America or if you’re currently freelancing and want to further structure and SCALE your business.

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In This Masterclass You'll Learn...


1. The Very First Thing You Need To Do to Start

Think it’s a website, business cards or accounting software? Think again. It’s not what you think.


2. How to Make the Shift from PR Pro to Business Owner

Arguably the most important shift to make, I’ll break down why and how, with some actionable next steps.


3. How to Determine your Bill Rate

As well as how you will bill your clients. Identifying, knowing and BELIEVING your worth early on is crucial. 


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The PR Business Has Changed In A BIG Way…

  1. Freelancers make up 47% of America.
  2. Companies are downsizing and prefer working with contractors because of their flexibility, ability to move on a dime, no overhead and niche expertise.
  3. PR professionals are realizing they can make more money, on their own terms, by going out on their own.
  4. PR is more credible than ever, with earned media dominating paid (only 6% of millennials think advertising is credible)

Join me to learn about how you can get your PR practice up and running QUICKLY and efficiently, with paying clients right off the bat!

This Masterclass is a Must Attend  if…


You want your own clients 

You want freedom and flexibility 

 You want to take your craft and build something on your own terms

 You want to be in charge of your schedule, your own career paths, and work environment

 You want to take your decades of experience and turn it into a part-time business so you can raise your kids

A Note From Andrea

I’ve been working in Public Relations and Communications since I graduated from college ( to be honest, I actually started IN college!)

… here’s how it went. After years of working with global PR agencies and large publicly traded companies, I decided to build my own practice. It wasn’t always easy, I made a lot of mistakes, and I learned a lot. I’m here to teach you the most important things I learned along the way, that I wish somebody would have told me at the start.
This Masterclass is the condensed version of years of trials and tribulations to what it ACTUALLY takes to get started building your own PR practice.
If you’re wanting to make next year the year that you FINALLY break free and become the financially independent, geographic agnostic, PR business builder that you are - join me!
See you there!