One-on-One PR Consulting Session with Andrea

Have You Been Wondering:

Why isn't this reporter answering my emails?

What is the difference between PR and Marketing?

Can you review my PR strategy and tell me if it’ll be effective? 

Is my business ready for PR?

I have a phone interview with a reporter - can you help me prepare?


You're In The Right Place

These are just some of the questions I get on a daily basis that we can tackle and unpack during our session.

I work with freelance PR professionals and businesses wanting to get started with PR, optimize or radically change their approach and strategy to PR. On their own.

A lot of freelance PR professionals think they need to do it all by themselves, when in reality it takes a village. Being able to brainstorm with somebody else and have a second set of eyes before something goes to the media or the client, can be really helpful. Unless you are part of a freelance group or have a community, this is hard to come by. A lot of businesses aren't ready to hire a PR team or pricey PR consultant. Learning the basics on your own is a great way to get your PR strategy started, and also educate you so that when you are ready to hire, you know what you're looking for.

What Are You Looking for Help With?

I am a Startup or Business
I am a Freelance PR Professional

Startup or Business

Increase Your Authority & Bottom Line

Are you a business or a startup wondering how to start or revitalize your PR strategy? You’ve heard that PR can help your company’s bottom line and increase authority and credibility, but you don’t know where to start.

Here’s what you can expect during our work together:

  • PR Strategy and guidance
  • A clear understanding of what a good PR plan can do for your company’s bottom line
  • Techniques to keep you (and your nerves!) on track during a press interview
  • How to get published in your favorite magazines and blogs.
  • What to look for in a PR hire
  • Brainstorm a specific campaign and its effectiveness
  • A complete review of your current PR strategy 
  • Bullet-proof your current materials and documentation.
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What people are saying

"I hired Andrea to work on my launch and marketing strategies: she got my article published on which was shared 33k times, doubled our user base in one week and resulted in the press reaching out to me for comment!"

Jay Meistrich
Co-Founder at

"Andrea knows PR. A super nice and caring approach, coupled with expert know how, she can help you and your company. I was a client with her and spent a lot of money, it was worth every dime! I would totally hire her again."

Billy Bray
President, Outsourced Risk Manager

"It’s a pleasure working with Andrea. She understands the components of a good story and the building blocks necessary for media placements, as well as a deep understanding on how to respectfully work with the press. ."

Campbell Kennedy
CEO at Locus Labs

Freelance PR Professional and Emerging Entrepreneurs

Expert Guidance

If you are a freelance PR professional (experienced or just a beginner), here’s what you can expect:

  • Guidance on how to build your own practice. You decided to leave your corporate job and have a ton of questions on how to make it on your own.
  • How to get new clients as a freelancer
  • Create the perfect pitch
  • Assemble a sound PR strategy for your client
  • Write press releases that get noticed
  • Best tips on building media lists
  • How to deal with a difficult CEO that doesn’t understand PR
  • How to sell your PR ideas to the CMO
  • A clear understanding of the media landscape – what is news and what isn’t?
  • My 15+ years of experience to assist you in achieving your PR goals.
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What people are saying

"Under Andrea's leadership, DialedPR has been a tremendous PR partner for Aceable. Their ability to align our strategic vision for the company with our PR messaging has been extremely valuable as we've scaled the business. Of course, those messages are meaningless without the ability to pitch top tier press. DialedPR has proven time and time again that they can get the right story in front of the right press to deliver or exceed our intended results."

Blake Garrett
CEO of Aceable

"Andrea is on a shortlist of must-have business partners. She is proactive, produces results, and adds value. Andrea's been a star. I've never had employees and partners compliment a 3rd party as much as they have for Andrea. She makes everything easy. Saying I highly recommend Andrea and DialedPR would be an understatement."

Alex Giannikoulis
CEO of Ivee

"I was fortunate enough to work with Andrea on a project, and found her to be a total PR rock star. With nearly a decade of tech PR experience in Silicon Valley and invaluable relationships with tech media outlets, Andrea is deeply passionate about helping tech companies succeed. She really embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and can relate to the mindset of young, growing companies. She's truly amazing."

Sky Gilbrar
Co-Founder at Remaker Labs

Andrea in the Media